Networking Opportunities for Financial Companies in Capitol Heights, MD: Unlocking the Potential of Maryland

Are you a financial company looking for networking opportunities in Capitol Heights, MD? Look no further! There are plenty of resources and programs available to help your business grow and succeed in Maryland. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and its national network of partners provide resources and programs designed to help small businesses compete effectively in the marketplace and strengthen the economy. The Maryland Department of Commerce has a regional team dedicated to working with economic development offices in Baltimore and all 23 Maryland counties to assist companies in expanding their markets, workforce, or physical locations. Federal funds are also used to support strategic outreach and financial assistance to students with the goal of graduating between 40 and 45 new teachers over the next two years.

The Hood College Center for Research, Education, and Outreach (CURE) provides STEM training opportunities to students in a variety of specializations and disciplines, as well as employees of regional companies. This facility conducts research to protect critical infrastructure of energy and water systems and trains students in computer networks and cybersecurity to increase the portfolio of certified workers in the state. Participants develop technical and interpersonal skills to support work success, while developing interpersonal skills that help them advance their professional careers and manage their personal finances successfully. CURE stays in contact with its students during college to provide them with ongoing support and opportunities to interact with new young students in the program.

Federal funding will help expand the program to offer 50 students 8-week paid summer experiences working directly with local STEM companies and organizations, along with college preparation programs, including mentoring current college students who are taking STEM courses. In addition to working with job seekers, Melwood will work directly with hiring organizations to ensure the continued success of selected candidates, including training managers and co-workers, so that opportunities for retention and growth are included in the organization's plans. With all these resources available, financial companies in Capitol Heights, MD have plenty of networking opportunities available to unlock their potential.

Brittany Wakely
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